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Hiring a skip doesn’t need to be complicated. Here at JN Skips, we are here answer all of your questions and provide you with our best advice for finding the right skip for you.

Do I Need Permission from the Local Council to Hire a Skip in Croydon?

There’s no need for you to get permission if you’re hiring a skip for private property. However, if the Skip needs to be placed in a public area or property, you will need the local council’s permission.

Most of the time, you need to get a license (as permission) before the Skip placement. It will prevent you from violating any regulations regarding the procedure.

You will have to pay a certain sum of money to use the public property and get the license (permission) for Skip. These charges may be monthly and depend on the type of locality you have.

What type of waste cannot be placed in a hired skip?

Skip is a well-versed garbage collector that can store various types of waste materials. However, some regulations prevent you from placing certain kinds of material inside a hired skip. The following are:

1. Electrical equipment and appliances that can be recycled
2. Waste that is hazardous to the environment like gas cylinders and batteries
3. Chemical waste and other agents such as gas, paints, solvents, and other liquids as these may potentially leak and cause reactions
4. Anything with a risk of contamination and infection like medical waste
5. Tires, mattresses, plasterboards, asbestos, and glasses are not allowed either
6. You can assign different skips for a specific waste type if you’d like. Most of the Skip providers are required to impose on recycling as much as possible.

How can I Book a Skip Online in Croydon?

It’s very convenient to book a skip online or on call for same-day service with the help of https://jnskips.co.uk. You can order two yards skips to 14 yards at the ease of your fingertips. Whether you require rental or quick service, everything is available at your ease. You can even avail of emergency services in dire situations.

More importantly, if you’re unsure about the requirement, you can consult with the experts by calling on 0208 603 7363, and they will guide you through the process. For a free quote, you can fill the form on Croydon Skip Hire with competitive pricing and flexible payment methods.

What Is The Regular Skip Sizes?

There isn’t a single specific size of hired Skip that would fit the ‘regular’ definition. It depends on your requirements. A skip’s size range from two yards to up to 14 yards. Here is a brief explanation of each of their uses:

– A two yards Skip is ideal for domestic use or areas that require small garbage disposal facilities, such as restaurants or the backyard of a house
– A four yards Skip is the right choice for gardens or minor construction and repair requirements.
– Many people prefer to use an eight yards Skip in their household if they have apt space. It is an excellent choice for commercial purposes, such as construction waste disposal.
– Any Skip around 10-12 yards in size is an excellent addition to apartments, hotels, or large houses for extra garbage disposal.
– Alternatively, you will find it suitable for renovation projects or to discard various furniture items.
– A 14 yards Skip is around truck-sized and often employed by industries and construction companies to dispose of excess waste materials. You might find it ideal for transportation of waste material instead of placement for garbage collection.

How can I Hire Cheap Skips in Croydon?

The best way to find cheap Skips in Croydon is to browse through multiple options. Various service providers will offer different discounts for services. Alternatively, you might want to opt for a quote from the companies. It will enable you to compare the costs to find the cheapest option available.

If they offer a free quote, you will have better chances of making the right decision. However, to save time, you can visit https://jnskips.co.uk/. You will receive a quote by filling the form or contacting them. Either way, it will help you book or hire cheap skips in Croydon.

You can browse the website to learn more about various associated services.

How Does Hiring A Skip Work?

You will have to contact a Skip service provider and learn about the right size available for your use. If you’re unsure, then you might want the experts to provide you with a quote. You can either contact the service provider or fill out our form.

After that, confirm the size and cost you’re comfortable with. If you hire Skip for private property, you won’t need permission or license. However, for the public property, you might have to approach the council first. A competent skip hiring company will assist you in the procedure. Some even offer services on short notice or during an emergency.

Once you book a skip, it’s the service provider’s responsibility to deliver on time.

Quick Facts

  • We can obtain any permit needed on your behalf
  • Permits can take up to 7 Working days to process, so please request them in advance
  • Bromley, Croydon and Sutton – 3 working days.
  • Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston – 5 Working Days
  • Southwark – 7 Working Days
  • We offer free, no-obligation quotes
  • Additional Fees: Fridges, Mattresses, Plasterboard.
  • Unacceptable Waste: Tyres, Fires & Asbestos.
  • Under not circumstances can you mix Muck (Mud, Soil, Slug) with Hardcore!
  • (Please call: 02086037363 to enquire about pricing)

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We aim to recycle 95% of waste collected and use registered land fields.

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