Now that summer is almost here, it is the best time to give your garden a fresh look and prepare it for the warm weather. Good garden maintenance makes your place look better and more useful, helps plants grow healthily, and lowers the risk of future gardening problems. This complete guide will show you how to clean up your garden in a planned way, focusing on the most important jobs and tools you’ll need for summer. JN Skips has reasonable skip hire prices and mini skip hire options for quickly removing garden waste.

Making plans to clean up your garden

  • Figuring out what your garden needs
      • To start:
      • Take a long walk through your yard to find places that need work.
        1. Check for signs of too much growth, weeds, or plants that are hurt and need to be pruned or replaced.
        2. Check fences, trellises and sheds to see if they need to be fixed. This evaluation will help you decide which jobs are most important and how big your cleanup project needs to be.
  • Making a Plan for Cleaning Up
    • Put your tasks in a way that makes sense to get the most done. For example, prune trees and clean up after yourself before you do yard care and planting. Setting up a schedule helps you ensure you don’t forget anything and gives you enough time to complete each job, making the whole process easier to handle.

Important Equipment and Tools

  • Simple tools for gardening
    • Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start. Some important gardening tools are shears, pruners, a garden fork, a spade, a rake, and a waggon for moving trash. Not only does having the right tools make the job easier, but it also gets done faster.
    • Safety Gear: For any garden job, safety is very important. Protect your hands from thorns and chemicals with gloves, protect your eyes from debris with safety goggles, and protect your feet with strong shoes that won’t slip and support you.

Cutting back and pruning

  • Cutting back shrubs and trees
      • Pruning is important to keeping your trees and plants healthy and looking good. Getting rid of dead or sick stems will help the plant get more air and light, which will help it grow healthily. Always use sharp tools to make clean, exact cuts that won’t hurt the plants.
  • Cutting Back Hedges and Borders
    • Borders and neatly trimmed hedges make your yard look better and help plants grow in a dense, healthy way. Trimming your plants regularly helps them control their shape and size, making your garden look neat and well-kept.

Taking Care of Garden Furniture and Features

  • Taking Care of Outdoor Furniture
      • Clean your patio furniture to make your outdoor living space look new again. Get rid of all the grime on the chairs, tables, and seats. Fix anything that needs it and treat any metal or wood furniture to keep it from rusting or decaying.
  • Taking care of water features and decorations
    • Check out clean water features like ponds and fountains. Please remove dirt and algae to keep pumps and filters from clogging and ensure they work correctly. This care makes your features last longer and keeps them looking and working their best.

Take care of and fix up your lawn

  • Cutting the grass and edging it
      • A beautiful yard needs a lawn that is well taken care of. Mowing the grass often keeps it healthy and looking good. Edging the lawn makes a clear line between it and other parts of the garden, which improves the look of the garden as a whole.
  • Adding air and fertiliser
    • Aerating your yard makes it drain better and encourages root growth, which makes your lawn healthier and stronger. After aeration, fertilisation is needed to give the plant the nutrients it needs for healthy, green growth.

Hire a skip to get rid of garden waste.

  • How to Pick the Right Size Skip
    • Choosing the right skip size is important for getting rid of trash quickly. Think about how much trash you’ll make and pick a skip size that will fit your garden waste. You can choose from different skip sizes at JN Skips to ensure you get the right one for your needs.
    • Effective Use of Skip Hire: Get the most out of your skip hire by making it easy to get to and organising your trash for the best use of space. Planning helps reduce the number of trips you must make and makes the cleanup process go more smoothly.

What Not to Do: Common Mistakes

  • Garden Cleanup Spots That Were Ignored
      • Don’t forget about yard areas that are hard to get to or hidden; they can become breeding grounds for weeds and pests. Check and take care of all parts of your yard regularly to ensure it’s completely clean.
  • Not Managing Waste Well
    • Don’t make common recycling mistakes like mixing things that can’t be composted with green trash; this can make getting rid of them more difficult. To ensure you recycle and get rid of waste properly, put different kinds of trash in various bins.


A well-planned yard cleanup makes your garden healthier and more beautiful, making it a better summer place. You can clean up your outdoor space quickly and easily if you follow this organised plan and use the right tools and services, like those provided by JN Skips, to manage trash. To get the best results, stress careful planning, the right tools, and how to deal with trash. This will ensure your garden is clean, healthy, and able to last.